Malibu Mist / Outdoor

MALIBU MIST combines 11 Ravens sophistication with state of the art materials to allow for outdoor enjoyment of your favorite games year-round.   No longer will you sacrifice style, quality of play or durability if you wish to place your luxury game table in an exterior setting. 

Enjoy a game of billiards on your loggia or play an invigorating match of table tennis after a swim.  Versatile conversion tops allow you to play two games on one table; use the top first for a casual elegant meal; then reverse or remove the conversion top and challenge your guests to a table tennis or billiards tournament.  

Shown in Vermillion Red and in Citrine Yellow, sporty, sophisticated colors that lend an edgy and dynamic look to the table’s restrained lines. Consider Malibu Mist the sports car convertible of your outdoor design; at rest, a visual statement; in action, pure performance. Malibu Mist is available in over 30 colors with color matching available. 

See and play the MALIBU MIST at the Eleven Madison Park Summer House ‘Pop Up Restaurant’ in East Hampton, NY through Labor Day, sponsored by American Express Platinum



We specialize in bespoke design and customization; your table can be personalized to your specification.  Logos/Corporate branding also available.

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  • Heavy duty aluminum construction – table frame and table legs
  • Stainless steel hardware designed to withstand extreme weather exposure in outdoor conditions.
  • Table Tennis top/playing surface is a proprietary blend of weatherproof resin and melamine, currently available in azure and in gray. (more colors coming late 2017)
  • 3-piece hand-honed Brazilian slate, renowned for its durability and moisture resistance on Malibu Mist Billiards.  This ensures a level and accurate playing surface that will not warp or flex when exposed to heat and moisture.  Compare to particle board, plastic and one piece slates used by others.
  • Billiards sub-rails constructed with specially engineered timbers that resist rot and are guaranteed to stay strong for decades.
  • Billiards cushions are full gum, premium quality, no filler added rubber, for years of quality play that will not break down when exposed to the elements.
  • Billiards pockets in polypropylene are equipped with drain holes.  Custom pockets always available.
  • Special Raven outdoor fabric is used on billiards slate beds and rails and is available in a variety of colors to suit your outdoor design.
  • Meticulous metal prep, low VOC primers and multiple coats of automotive grade paint ensure a flawless look that is also impervious to the elements.
  • Conversion tops are sealed with mold, fungus and blue stain resistant primers and finished with multiple coats of water based stains or water based timber coatings that will not flake or peel and have superior tannin blocking and dirt resistance.
  • Table covers are marine grade, fade resistant, mold and mildew resistant, stain and water resistant, breathable outdoor fabrics that can be cleaned with bleach and are available in a wide variety of colors.   Monogramming is available.  Cover not included.

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