For 11 Ravens, aesthetics is not simply superficial, but always an expression of style and personality. This concept is a keystone that went into the exceptionally designed Macan dog bed. The distinctive silhouette of the Macan with dynamic coupé lines takes its influence from Italian super sport cars. The outstanding proportions convey a strong sense of bravura, flair and polish while maintaining an unmistakably exquisite personality that is fitting for the most majestic of canines.

The Hastens mattress will ensure that the bed provides not only style for your space, but the ultimate sense of comfort for your pet. Hastens is committed to being latex and chemical free, and uses only sustainable and ethically produced natural materials such as horsetail hair, cotton, and wool.

Overall bed dimensions are 39"W x 30"D x 19"H. Mattress height is at 9”.



Customization is our specialty. Since dogs come in many sizes, we are happy to create a custom sized bed for your dog. Our dog beds can also be fully customized with your choice of lacquer, stain, veneer or laminate. The fabric of the mattresses is available in Hastens' 14 unique designs. Our team is on standby to answer questions, send samples, and assist with custom renderings.

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