Inspired by Japanese origami, Phaedra stores billiards and table tennis accessories in great style. Two elegant, beautifully proportioned doors, seamlessly unfold to reveal a luxurious interior that combines functionality with exceptional good looks.  Dimensions for Phaedra are 48” W x 64” H x 5” D and it weighs 110 lbs.  Shown in Brushed Aluminum with Matte Black accents, Phaedra is the natural complement for Theseus Billiards.  Its’ contemporary, sleek design will start conversations when displayed in your luxury surroundings.

Enhance your refined lifestyle with our iconic Theseus game table and coordinating Phaedra storage and join an exclusive owner’s club of discriminating taste.


Be Exceptional! 

Your Phaedra storage unit can be customized to meet your design and lifestyle requirements. 




Your Phaedra storage unit can be fully customized to meet your lifestyle and design requirements. It can be tailored to match any 11 Ravens table design. Corporate / logo branding is also an option.

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