3 ways shuffleboard improves your health

Arclight by 11Ravens - custom Shuffleboard table

One wouldn’t think that shuffleboard has many health benefits, but surprisingly there are quite a few. With shuffleboards as beautiful and well made as the Arclight Shuffleboard, there’s no reason not to play. 

It Lowers Your Stress

Playing shuffleboard has proven to lower stress levels. Exercise in general is good for your mental health, but shuffleboard is especially good at lowering stress levels because you’ll be so concentrated on playing it you won’t be thinking about any other stress factors in your life. 

It Is Great Physical Exercise

For those of us who don’t love to run or go to the gym, shuffleboard is in fact physical exercise and is good for your health and mind. Not to mention, this can be played all year round, whereas other sports are usually season-specific. 

Enrich Your Friendships

What better way to have fun with friends than have a game of friendly shuffleboard? Take your mind off everything else in life and relax with friends playing this easy but simple game.