One Stealthy Phone


The perfect phone to call your buddies over for a Game of Phones, on your Stealth Table.

Israeli startup, Solarin, announces its release of the world's  most secure smartphone to date. With a current price of $17,000 you might need one, if you plan on ordering it online. The smartphone, two years in development, boasts high-profile investors and customers like Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hardy, both who sat front row during the launch of the newly declared “fortress of a phone.” If you are as interested in keeping a low profile as much as Leo is, then you too may want to look into the new Android smartphone  (Solarin) for yourself.  You may also want to investigate the 11Ravens' Stealth Table design, inspired by military grade stealth technology. Keep a low profile as you serve up top secret orders, all from the comfort of your game room. 




Maggie Louie