Table Tennis: High-End Meets High-Tech


Much like the 11 Ravens design team, Thomas Mayer has a vision and technology to revolutionize table tennis.  Using augmented reality, Mayer is creating what he calls a "projected mapped interface" which shows players strategic and tactical information like where to land your serve, how your shots are performing and a myriad of additional stats on your game.

“By projecting game obstacles on the surface,” Mayer writes, “I figured out that I can change the gameplay totally.”

Mayer, a student at Germany’s University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd, wanted to build a system capable of "tracking a ping pong ball in real time to create data visualizations for trainers and players,” according to Digital Trends Magazine. Read full article

Although Mayer’s invention is currently only in its prototype phase, it's usefulness as a virtual trainer, and its ability to work with any table is an exciting glimpse of things to come. 

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